John Gagnon

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

AdWords covers every paid search need, right? Wrong, says John Gagnon. That might hurt to hear on Tax Day—especially for the big three tax preparers who will spend more than $24 million on 3,819 search terms related to the event, according to the AdGooroo Blog.

I need to be in Position 1! I need to be ahead of my competitors! I need to show up all the time for this keyword! I need to be in the top three or I won't be seen! Wrong, wrong, wrong, and, yes, wrong. Too many marketers and business owners react emotionally to AdWords. Oddly enough, they have the data available to make accurate decisions, but they let their egos get in the way. Bidding to a specific position in AdWords is B.S. There, I said it (AdWords gurus freak out … now). But … I have data to


When it comes to ranking in Google search, many webmasters in highly competitive markets wonder if it's possible to compete against larger, established sites, especially without using black hat techniques. This is the topic Google's Matt Cutts addressed in the latest webmaster help video. "Matt, [do] the good guys still stand a chance? We're a small company that hired an SEO firm that we thought was legit, but destroyed our rankings with spam backlinks. We've tried everything but nothing helps. What can a company with good intentions do?"

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