Jody Smith

With a new year underway, let's take a look at how the changing marketing landscape is shaping insert programs along with marketers' approach to these direct response and branding media.

How can you cut "Collate pieces at the distribution/order fulfillment center, as this will cut shipping costs of moving the collated pieces/envelopes back to where the orders are fulfilled. [Also,] manage shipping costs. If you accept overweight pieces and don't charge additional for this, it could be eating away from your revenue if this increase in weight also increases your costs for shipping. And manage inventory. Each item—or type of item—in the warehouse may incur an overhead cost based on the amount of space it occupies. Don't accept too many pieces at a time that will sit and incur overhead charges. Keep insert

Mailers are having success with package Inserts, co-ops, Blow-ins and statement stuffers—they'd just rather not talk about it By Alicia Orr The title for this piece came from a conversation I had with Leon Henry during the Annual Catalog Conference in Boston last June. "You know," said Henry, chairman of Leon Henry Inc., "inserts fly below the radar screen. We're quite a large industry if you'd take the time to look. We're a factor and no one knows it." So I accepted Henry's challenge and decided to tackle this story. No easy task. It's difficult, if not impossible, to accurately quantify the size of

Have you tried direct mail and found it to be too expensive for prospecting? Do you want to qualify prospects using a cheaper vehicle before sending out a solo direct mail effort? Or would you like to add a new program to your marketing plan? According to Jody Smith, alternate media director at Walter Karl, a good marketing plan includes alternate media as one of its elements. "As offers become more and more targeted and new mailers continue to enter the marketplace, no direct marketer should rely on just one form of advertising to meet or even exceed their desired goals. Whether

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