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I have a new card collection, and I'm ready to deal. I'll give you two Lydia Pisanos and one Andrew Cameron for a Jeff Ashton. I also have doubles of Eric Lasso and an Antoinette Plogstedt in mint condition (no ketchup or coffee stains). Hundreds of thousands of the glossy mailers praising and panning candidates were delivered to Central Florida mailboxes in the weeks leading up to last week's primary election. ... But there is a socially redeeming purpose to this future blight on the landfill ... providing jobs and overtime for your fellow citizens.

Who Speaks for Your Company? The new General Motors strategy of offering employee pricing on all new models resulted in a 47-percent sales increase in June. Ford promptly followed suit. Chrysler went them both one better by not only offering employee discounts but bringing back Lee Iacocca--the man who saved the company in 1982 and became its spokesman--to do the TV commercials, complete with the line he made famous, "If you can find a better car, buy it." In 1955 Ogilvy & Mather dreamed up the idea of using the CEO of Schweppes USA, the elegant, bearded Commander Edward Whitehead, as the centerpiece of

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