Jim Liszewski

Mainstream direct marketing finally has discovered full-color, variable digital print. The volume of full-color digital print continues to jump and has become the fastest-growing direct marketing medium. The reason for its growth is no secret to firms that are driven by results. Variable targeted content increases response rates and gives marketers tremendous flexibility in changing messaging and creative to match the marketing opportunity.

As companies look to automated marketing tools to improve their speed to market with relevant communications, they will want to be careful not to equate “automated” with “unsupervised.” To effectively leverage the benefits of automated print workflow, marketers need to take heed of the following dos and don’ts presented by Jim Liszewski, president and COO of Dallas-based digital print provider WMSG Inc., at last December’s NCDM conference in Las Vegas. DO … Anticipate future program data requirements. When in doubt, add the data field. DON’T … Change data characteristics when submitting files to your print partner during the duration of the program. These include file type,

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