Jerry Huntsinger

To see the work of great painters, you usually need to go to a museum or art gallery. To read the work of great copywriters — and learn from it — you need only to look through the mail that arrives at your doorstep every day. One masterpiece that has been mailed continuously for about 20 years is the member acquisition effort for Amnesty International.

"Is a cliché bad for your letter? Nope, because a cliché turns a light on inside your reader's mind. Avoiding clichés leaves the reader in darkness"—Jerry Huntsinger. Avoid clichés like the plague, says the old writer's joke. It's good advice, but it's mostly directed at beginning writers. ... But, as with so many things in direct marketing, the rules apply only when they apply. So while it's true that clichés generally fall flat as pancakes, there are plenty of other times when they work like a charm

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