Jeremiah Wright

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Let me say at the outset that I have no idea who I will vote for in the general election. Being a committed Independent, I will not be voting in the Pennsylvania primary on April 22. As of March 27, the candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are dead even in the opinion polls. The candidates are beginning to hammer each other, freeing John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, to act, look and sound presidential on the national and international stage. If strong action is not taken to break the logjam, this internecine scrap will go down to the convention in August

The candidacies of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in jeopardy. They have been “Swift-boated” by the media. For example, Clinton may well have been the nominee by now, had she not muffed a response in the Oct. 30, 2007 Democratic debate at Drexel University to Tim Russert’s question about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s plan to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. She agreed with the idea, but when immediately challenged by Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, she backed off. In normal times, this would have been a small slipup. These are not normal times. This was not a small slip. Rather it

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