Jeff Brooks

In an upcoming issue of Target Marketing's sister publication Fundraising Success, Jeff Brooks, creative director at Columbia, Md.-based database marketing agency Merkle, revealed the secret that a blank envelope often outperforms its teaser counterparts in direct mail.

The production manager (or perhaps creative director) of a direct mail package usually chooses the paper. Historically, it’s never been an easy decision. It hinges on weighing (with postal rates, I mean that literally) quality against cost, including the selection of paper stock/weight, grade, coated or uncoated, and so on. Recently, that decision just got harder, with the now viable option of using more environment-friendly paper (groundwood/high-yield/nonvirgin-offset sheets, more post-consumer recycled content and environmentally certified) in all components of a mail piece. Unless you’ve already done so, here are five choices you may consider adopting. 1. Go High-End (but not Necessarily High-Cost) with the

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