Jean Halliday

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In the Dec. 14, 2005, issue of The Wall Street Journal, Susan Varnica wrote a story titled, “Marketers’ New Idea: Get the Consumer to Design the Ads.” It seemed like a goofy idea that was being floated by Madison Avenue, but I saved it. In May of this year, ran a story by Jean Halliday, “GM Asks Consumers to Make Vehicle Ads.” Viewers of “The Apprentice” could win trips and cash for creating a 30-second spot for the Chevy Tahoe truck. Again, I saved the story, expecting never to use it. And then this past Monday morning, Stuart Elliott, advertising columnist for The New York

Can it live up to its hype? IN THE NEWS NEW YORK -- Marketing executives at GM's Hummer division, a frequent advertiser in the glossy culture magazine Black Book, have often said they want exposure outside traditional ad pages. --Nat Ives and Jean Halliday "Auto Giants Push Harder for Magazine Product Placement", Aug. 16, 2005 SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- Some colorful cows are taking the place of big, bulky roadside advertisements in one Florida county. The bovine billboards are dyed bright pink and purple and are stenciled with ads for The online casino also paid thousands for the "Virgin Mary grilled cheese"

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