Jay Mohr

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Axl Rose wanting Google to wipe out the 2010 memories of weight gain that became a fat-shaming Internet meme bring up a few interesting questions for marketers relating to free speech.

To keep abreast of discrepancies in search engine algorithms that present both risk and opportunities to boost ROI, Mountain View, Calif.-based financial software provider Intuit partnered with Zeta Interactive, a digital services firm in New York, to improve response during the current tax season. Zeta Interactive assisted Intuit in creating ad groups to support tailored cost-per-click ads and now monitors the frequency with which various search queries are used, rolling frequent queries into the program. It also monitors Intuit’s campaign keywords and ad groups, adjusting, as needed, to create more relevant ad copy. Here, Intuit Director of Online Advertising and Internet Media Seth Greenberg

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