Jason Warnock

Jason Warnock is the VP of Intelligence Products at Portland, Ore.-based Yesmail, a creator of email marketing solutions that seamlessly integrate mobile, web and social channels. 

Email deliverability is a serious issue for marketers, even at the world's largest companies, thanks to sophisticated reputation tracking and blacklists provided by the top four Internet service providers (ISPs): Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. Unfortunately, there are many email marketers misinformed about deliverability practices. Here are five common myths

Unless you've been disconnected from the Internet, you probably know that over the next few weeks, Gmail will be rolling out a new feature for sorting incoming messages. Launched in 2004, Gmail has become one of Google's most successful entities outside of its core search and advertising businesses. In fact, Gmail's steady user growth has proved that email messaging is anything but dying, as many people outside of marketing have claimed.

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