Jason Dorsey

Auto companies think better marketing is the trick to wooing the youth—but they're forgetting we're broke. This morning, Salon attended a panel discussion at the advertising and marketing firm Ogilvy devoted to the question of whether millennials want to buy cars, or whether the sort of seismic generational shifts documented by Joel Stein in Time meant that Detroit was in trouble. The invitation from Ford, which had put on the event, told us the goal: “use data, trends and expertise to show that Millennials aren’t just a bunch of PBR-drinking hipsters who spin vinyl and ride bikes.” We were trepidatious

Every generation contributes to the global conversation around brands, products and services. A recent Bazaarvoice study, though, uncovered interesting truths about the differences in behaviors among Generation Y and Baby Boomers. In general, we know that consumers are primarily positive when they review products online. Overall, 82 percent of all consumer opinions are positive. Even though Boomers contribute the most online, this sentiment stands as we look across the generations. The study pulled age group data from January to March 2012 across 6 million consumer-contributed online opinions in multiple countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, U.S.

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