Jacobs Clevenger

Ron Jacobs is CEO of Jacobs & Clevenger.

Today consumers and business decision-makers demand a greater level of personalization than ever before. According to MarketSherpa, 69 percent of people state that they would exchange their data for better, more personalized service. Furthermore, a study Jacobs & Clevenger conducted in the first quarter of 2013 indicated that two out of three consumers prefer personalized communications to mass, non-customized communications. Consumers and business decision-makers receive an abundance of communications hourly, and personalization is becoming absolutely critical to break through the clutter. That includes personalized direct mail. For years, marketers have realized that segmentation drives relevancy. But now

China Post boasts a long history, with more than 3,000 years of national post, more than 500 years of private post and more than 100 years of contemporary national post. But still today, the concept of “post office” for this organization is very different than that of the USPS. For example, China Post is also one of the largest banks in the world. And while its customers have one of the highest savings rates globally, Chinese consumers physically go to their local branches to make remittances for other banking services. In the midst of a rapidly emerging marketplace, China Post sought to create

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