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Welcome to the brand new list of Target Marketing's Top 50 Mailers. For the first time, we are relying exclusively on data from our partner Who's Mailing What! in compiling this list, as well as the other lists in this article, combined with list management information provided by SRDS. Who's Mailing What! has compiled the most complete library of direct mail and email in the world, and has tracked mail for more than 25 years. Earlier this year, it relaunched on a state-of-the-art, fully searchable platform.

I’m fairly certain the study of direct mail would still be my favorite pastime even if I hadn’t grown up as the daughter of the postmaster of Inman, Kan., (pop. 1,194). It’s true that, from an early age, I was as eager to see the newly issued stamp designs as some of my friends were to see the newest fashions. But, as fond as I am of direct mail, I also recognize that, thanks to changing technology, new media opportunities, and exciting possibilities offered by the Internet, direct marketers now face a dilemma: What should we do with direct mail? If you’re already using it,

By Noelle Skodzinski Last month, an insert for Columbia House DVD Club appeared in a Dell consumer catalog and another for Real Simple magazine turned up in a J. Jill catalog. We suspected this could be an indication of more things to come, and we were right. A Linens-N-Things welcome-to-the-neighborhood mailing arrived in the mailbox with two friends in tow: an insert for American Blinds, Wallpaper & More and an insert for Bellawood floors (910LINTHI0204). The Linens-N-Things mailing (received by the Who's Mailing What! Archive in February) included a letter with a tear-off 20-percent-off coupon, and a "First Things First—New Mover's Checklist," which lists

By Melissa Sepos She's the neighbor who gets up to run at 5:30 a.m., the mom who heads to kick-boxing class after dropping off the kids at school and the dad who plays in the basketball league from work. Fitness buffs are not just your garden-variety triathletes or Olympiads. Indeed, the fitness demographic is as diverse of a population as it is profitable. Last year several million consumers—about 30 percent of the U.S. adult population, according to statistics—spent more than $4 billion on exercise-related products. Who They Are Fitness buffs include people who regularly participate in recreational sports or exercise. Most tend

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