Peggy Hatch is a senior advisor at NAPCO Media. A direct mail copywriter, she co-founded Who’s Mailing What! with her husband Denny Hatch. Her previous position at NAPCO Media was Group President for the Target Marketing Group.

A newspaper might seem a bit dated, and you're probably thinking, "What would that have to do with me?" Well, marketing is all about knowing who your audience is, how to uniquely reach them and how to present your message in a way that speaks best to them. The mailer here is Maris Grove—part of Erickson Living—who offers apartment homes for seniors.  And we all know that seniors still read newspapers.

One of the big challenges for marketers is overcoming objections. Sitting down and figuring out why someone might not buy, sign up or take the action you want them to take is a necessary exercise, albeit not always a fun one. But once you've thought through what might hold the prospect back, you need to address those issues in your marketing effort.

What marketers used to call MGM—or Member-Get-A-Member—efforts are as old as the hills, but they're effective when done right. If you have happy customers who love your products or services, ask them to refer a friend or colleague. Usually the person referring gets a reward of some kind, and the person being referred gets a goodie as well.

One of the best things about this time of year is that it's perfect for yard sales. But judging by what I've seen around suburbia over the last few weeks, a lot of folks are missing a good opportunity to unload their old stuff and make some money. If you adapt some tried-and-true direct marketing tips to fit your yard sale, you can attract lots of prospects, and then, get them to buy.

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