Ilene Schwartz

E-mail Lists When assesssing e-mail lists, it is important to undertand how opt-in or permission-based lists have been generated. Go to the specific Web sites and review the online forms used to gather the e-mail addresses, says Ilene Schwartz, VP of Liggett-Stashower Direct.

By Ilene Schwartz Most articles I've read about the intricacies of buying lists begin with the same seemingly simple advice—find a good list broker. First off, finding a good list broker is not always such a simple task. And second, while you may work with some of the best list brokers in the country, the decision of what lists to mail is ultimately yours to make. Since list brokers often have particular areas of expertise (insurance, opportunity seekers, circulation, fund raising, etc.) they specialize in working with mailers within that area. If you are a large direct marketer whose business fits into one of

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