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Joe Keenan is the executive editor of Total Retail. Joe has more than 10 years experience covering the retail industry, and enjoys profiling innovative companies and people in the space.

If you're planning spray-and-pray e-mail campaigns to boost sales during this holiday season, consider a more strategic approach that could provide better ROI and keep your opt-out rate from skyrocketing.

As the news goes from bad to worse regarding the national economy, many multichannel marketers are holding out hope that the upcoming holiday season will provide some relief from their struggles. And to help salvage what's proven to be a trying year for most, many will turn to e-mail marketing.

With the National Retail Federation predicting just a 2.2 percent increase in holiday spending, the lowest since 2002, consumers will be looking to retailers' and e-tailers' promotions to help them make the best shopping decisions.

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