Humphrey Bogart

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Marketers who want to exploit the full potential of e-mail should develop plans to consistently grow their permission-based e-mail lists of customers and prospects. This allows them to build loyalty and promote cross-sell and upsell opportunities. A housefile represents names the marketer "owns" and has permission to use. While marketers use many tactics to grow their lists, those individuals who enroll in programs on a marketer's site should be the cornerstone of any program. In most cases, these individuals have taken an action to positively sign up. They should be one of the best-performing sources.

The idea that any new film that depicts someone smoking will be given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America [MPAA] is an example of yet another buttinsky group of zealots worked into a lather about a tangential issue when the world is falling apart. Is this wonderfully free society being gradually subverted by multitudes of muddled prudes who want to dictate how we think and act just like the Taliban in Afghanistan? I am reminded of Cole Porter’s delightful—and deliciously racy—musical comedy, “Out of This World,” which opened in 1950 and was based on Greek mythology. I saw it at

The Rip-off vs. a Ripping Good Time March 16, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 21 IN THE NEWS Resort Fees: Hotel Rate May Not Include All the Charges Hotel resort fees are making a comeback. With the decline in the lodging industry after 9/11, the fees, which cover everything from the use of a pool to housekeeping tips, began to vanish—if not from hotels' policies, then from guests' bills. A polite complaint was usually all it took to have a fee waived. No longer. —Christopher Elliott, The New York Times, March 12, 2006 When Don Jackson and I sat down at his kitchen

Here's one for the books. Don't be a victim! Sept. 29. 2005: Vol. 1, No. 35 IN THE NEWS Self-proclaimed identity thieves have a message for you: Personal information is frighteningly easy to get. --Joe Light "Stealing your ID can be as easy as ABC" The Boston Globe, Sept. 25, 2005 We live in a service-driven society. And the jet fuel of service is information. Over the past year, private business and the government have shown themselves to be cruelly negligent about safeguarding personal data. In 2004, the Federal Trade Commission recorded 388,000 ID-theft complaints, a 19 percent increase over the year before. The

August 9, 2005, Vol. 1, Issue No. 20 The Passing of Peter Jennings And How I nearly met Humphrey Bogart IN THE NEWS NEW YORK -- Peter Jennings, the suave, Canadian-born broadcaster who delivered the news to Americans each night in five separate decades, died yesterday. He was 67. --David Bauder The Associated Press, August 8, 2005 I never met Peter Jennings in person, but my wife, Peggy, and I watched him nightly for many years. At one point, ABC News had a trio of anchors reporting from around the country--Jennings, Frank Reynolds and Max Robinson. As I recall, Reynolds, a splendid journalist,

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