Holly Carnahan

An outer envelope often is a blank canvas, literally. But while words carry a good deal of weight, they say pictures are worth a thousand of them, right? When presented with bright, visual images versus gray copy, most people respond better to the former, says Tom Herrmann, executive vice president of marketing and business development for Mailnet Services, a provider of marketing automation solutions and customer communications. Here are three tried-and-tested methods of using art on the outer to boost the bottom line. 1. Perhaps more than ever before, prospects may be prone to ignoring text and preferring pictures on the outer. For example,

You often don't see an automatic subscription renewal program promoted to subscribers as available "by popular demand." Sure, our direct mail library, the Who's Mailing What! Archive, contains many publishing solicitations that include automatic renewal programs as part of their offers. But these tend to be acquisition or renewal campaigns, not stand-alone efforts. For Arizona Highways, a magazine published by the state's Department of Transportation bureau, this offer was important enough to warrant its own campaign—a triple postcard (710ARIHIG0603B) that announces to readers: "Never Get Another Renewal Notice!" According to Circulation Director Holly Carnahan, the magazine has a very involved readership. In fact, testimonials

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