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Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

I was upset to learn that a good friend of mine is no longer speaking with his sister because of an argument over President Trump. He could no longer abide that she, like many members of the president’s “base,” continued to defend the President. How did we get to the place where families are being torn apart over politics? Look no further than where people get their news.

Yesterday during his press conference, President-elect Donald Trump vowed to bring jobs to the states whose voters helped him win. He talked about car manufacturing jobs that will remain in the U.S. once he takes office in a few days and the companies that won’t be offshoring work because of his intervention.

Yesterday, Tony the Tiger may not have been feeling so G-R-R-reat! The spokesbeast for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes may have been the most public face of the brand — until Breitbart.com started up the “#DumpKelloggs” campaign. As of presstime, the news site claimed more than 150,172 consumers had signed a pledge to boycott Kellogg’s products.

For me, unfriending someone on Facebook is a painful act. It means I cared and I believe that person didn’t. It has nothing to do with politics. But for a great number of Facebook users on Tuesday, “The Great Unfriending” happened when the political became personal.

Despite having the title of most unfavorable candidate pair of any major presidential candidates in U.S. history, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have outlasted their competitors — and one of them is going to become the leader of the free world. What does success in the face of such highly unfavorable ratings teach us about personal branding? And what can working professionals at every level learn from it?

Tic Tac doesn’t want to be in Trump’s back pocket. In a newly released 2005 recording, presidential candidate Donald Trump discusses popping the breath fresheners so he’ll be ready to kiss women and then grab them inappropriately. The brand tweeted a statement about the alleged use of Tic Tacs on Saturday.

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