By Chantal Tode on August 19th, 2010 The mobile industry continues to look for ways to facilitate marketers being able to connect with consumers over mobile phones, often with the help of traditional media such as print. There’s been a lot written about QR codes and RFID tags but, to date, these technologies present some challenges. A newcomer on the scene, Go800 is previewing a service that enables consumers to text brand or generic keywords, what it calls Voice Keywords, found on direct mail, print, outdoor, broadcast or online ads to Go800 and receive a call on their

By Ivan Levison In my town, the post office parking lot has just three crummy spaces. Next door to it is a bank that has a big parking lot. Naturally, everyone who needs to visit the post office parks at the bank. Because of all the extra cars parking on their property, you'd expect the bank to put up this kind of a warning sign at the entrance to its lot:

Parking For Bank Patrons Only! All other vehicles will be towedat owner's expense.
But someone at the bank knew how to think outside the box. They didn't settle for the obvious.

By Lois K. Geller Do you remember the Avis No. 2 campaign? "We're #2, We Try Harder." It was brilliant. Hertz's reaction also was brilliant. In an article I read a few years ago, Lee Clow, chairman and chief creative officer of advertising agency TBWAWorldwide, recalled that the president of No. 1 Hertz told his ad agency something like this: "I don't want us to talk about efficiency, clean cars, price, anything like that. The competition can duplicate all those things tomorrow. What I want our advertising to do is to make people like us." Make people like you. What a concept. By the

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