Heidi Wells

The role of the order card in the direct mail piece has always been important. "The main purpose is to state (or restate) the offer clearly and simply, so it's easy and effortless for the recipient to say, 'Yes.' The sole purpose of the order card is to get the order!" states Heidi Wells, a freelance copywriter based in Chicago.

Every day, marketers battle the shrinking attention spans of their potential customers. While the electronic channels appear to operate on the same wavelength—and, in part, created those waves of attention and inattention to begin with—of our scatter-brained society, direct mail naturally struggles with it. Direct mail requires the prospect to read sentences, paragraphs and—gasp!—even pages. How anachronistic. Of course, unless it wants to go extinct, every company that uses direct mail needs to acknowledge this attention-span problem and adapt—just as it is grappling with the postal rate changes. But, no, that doesn’t necessarily mean gutting the package. Instead, consider six ways to get that

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