Harriet Pearson

"For businesspeople today, consumer privacy is an issue primarily of behavior, and only secondarily of technology," said Harriet Pearson, chief privacy officer of IBM, at a recent conference of privacy officers. "Written privacy policies are simply a starting point. Execution of those policies is the imperative. Then you need an effective system to manage those policies."

By Donna Loyle Undoubtedly you've seen these ads: A credit card company prominently touts "no telemarketing" as one of the benefits of having its card, and an Internet service provider states it won't sell your name and contact information to other companies. It used to be that unless customers specifically requested to see a company's privacy policy, those policies were pretty much downplayed. So what's going on? Has it become trendy to not only dust off your privacy policy, but to actually polish it up for public view? If you're considering following suit, here's what you need to know and do

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