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By Hallie Mummert Reading a data card for an e-mail address list is much easier than deciphering hieroglyphics, especially if you're familiar with data cards for postal address lists. Rather than reinvent the wheel, list managers use the same template for both list types to provide a uniform research tool for list brokers and marketers. While the format may be familiar, you can't put your brain on auto-pilot when perusing potential e-mail list test options. Some irregularities exist that require your attention. Here is an analysis of the typical e-mail list data card to provide you with some research pointers. Counts Most lists will

By Dolores Ryan Babcock When I started my career in direct marketing, this industry was very different than it is today, and I was working with package inserts instead of lists. The basic research techniques I learned then and have refined over time haven't changed in the intervening years, though almost everything else in the business has. The first step in researching the list universe is to look again ... and AGAIN ... at the offer. This is probably the most important step, and one no broker or mailer can afford to overlook. The product or service and the way it is being

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