Hallie Mummert P.S.

What was your free time like when you were a teenager? I loved shopping at the mall and talking on the phone with my best friend for hours about life's critical issues (or nothing at all, if you subscribe to my parents' interpretation). Teens these days engage in many of the same activities, albeit via more advanced technologies. But they also have the time and knowledge to put a hurting on your brand image. "The most dangerous thing to your brand is a kid with a blog," joked Andy Sernovitz during a presentation at CADM DM Days this past March. Well, he was sort

When it comes to prospecting with compiled lists, it's imperative that the data used to create them are accurate. "All data on a file is subject to scrutiny to ensure the overall integrity of the information," write ALC of New York LLC's Andy Ostroy and Margaret Iadeluca in their article "Sleuthing Compiled Lists." This comment could just as easily pertain to the scandal surrounding data broker ChoicePoint's sale of sensitive personal information to criminals who posed as legitimate business owners. One of the sticking points for privacy advocates and some congressmen investigating the need for tighter data protection is that not only do

One of the hardest practices for any manager is to stop the constant whirl of daily activity that constitutes your job long enough to concentrate on a long-range vision for your business. I've got a deal to make with you: If you can spare less than 30 minutes, you can get a leg up on where the direct marketing industry is heading in the coming years. For this month's cover story—"Big Ideas," which starts on page 28—I talked to eight industry experts in unique positions to see the industry from the outside-in. From consumer research to technology, hiring patterns to privacy laws, each

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