Gwenn Freeman

Gwenn Freeman is a privacy strategist for KBM Group, a marketing solutions provider based in Richardson, Texas.
Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

I usually start the year with a look ahead at what marketers might expect from legislators and regulators, but not this year. Because like legislators and regulators, all I can see is a proliferation of data, and not just marketing data. Everyone is in the data business. Companies are either buying data or looking for ways to monetize their data assets. And they’re probably doing both.

Inertia rules, so there's no way most Canadian email recipients took action to continue receiving marketing emails, claims Ken Magill of The Magill Report. The email marketing thought leader was opining about survey results released on Tuesday by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and Ipsos Reid. The poll found that 67 percent

How closely do you track what’s happening at the Federal Trade Commission? If you’re like me, it’s sporadic. But recently, while researching a question on the FTC website, I realized I need to pay more attention. Here are four areas I plan to track more closely in the coming months:

I know what you’re saying to yourself. “I’m not a Canadian business.” “My email marketing is targeted to the U.S.” “I don’t send marketing emails, but use newsletters to get around legislation like this.” “I’m a B-to-B marketer.” “I’m a nonprofit.”

Usually, at the beginning of the year, I try to look at what marketers might expect from Congress in the coming year. For 2014, I'm taking a different approach. This year, I'm looking at the less obvious actions—the ones we don't expect to have an impact on us—and examining the unintended consequences that will, in fact, impact our businesses.

In July, the Winterberry Group—in partnership with the Direct Marketing Association—released a whitepaper titled "The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of 'Big Data.'" Data governance in marketing is an evolving discipline, and it will be easier for all of us if we can work together to define and refine the best practices we can all follow.

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