Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Even before Gritty streaked in front of nearly 70,000 hockey fans in Lincoln Financial Field, the Flyers mascot laid a streak of lightning across social media with his irreverent debut in September 2018. Everything from his origin story to taunting the rival team on Twitter showed Gritty got his Philly fans, the first marketing challenge for all brands.

I’ve always been a fan of hockey — a gritty, unapologetic free-for-all on ice. And now Philadelphia, where I live, has a mascot for the Flyers that embodies all of that — with the Kim Kardashian imitation pose tweet to prove it. And “Gritty” is going viral for that very reason. Absurd and outrageous branding and marketing efforts like these are what the Internet loves to hate.

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