Inbound marketing gets a lot of attention these days, but don't overlook the benefits and power of outbound direct marketing, especially for lead generation. Outbound marketing allows marketers to fish in the ponds that have the right audience for their message and to control lead volumes. With the right strategies and smart investments, outbound marketing can be very, very effective-driving the perfect customers to call, email or register with your company.

Join us on this editorial webinar to hear how you can be more proactive to generate more leads and close more sales, including:
-  The top techniques for proactive, outbound lead generation
-  How to identify outbound programs to reach the leads you're looking for
-  Offers, copy and creative tips to drive more inquiries
-  The keys to an effective call to action via phone, email or website
-  Response tracking, attribution and analytics
-  And more!

If you're responsible for delivering leads, this is a webinar you don't want to miss!

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It never fails. General agency professionals and clients who spend their careers building brands go limp when it comes time to ask for the order. It’s as if the call to action needed to get a reasonable response rate from the target audience somehow demeans the brand. Let’s be clear: A strong brand goes a long way toward generating higher response rates, but a strong brand without sales support will deny the organization the sales it deserves. Case in point: While working as a direct marketing consultant for a general agency, the bomb fell when I asked for a description of the offer. The goal for

By Denny Hatch Quick now, for $2,000. What does AARP stand for? If you said, "American Association of Retired Persons," you win. The amazing thing is that for the last 11 years, not one of AARP's major controls has spelled out the "American Association of Retired Persons." The acronym stands alone. The reason is obvious: AARP keeps mailing to younger and younger people. Currently if you are 50 and older, you will start receiving AARP pitches. If the words "retired persons" were anywhere in sight, the mailings would be discarded as irrelevant. AARP does not wish to be known as the club for

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