Gretchen Littlefield

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Gretchen Littlefield is president of Infogroup Media Solutions, a brand of Omaha-based Infogroup.

A recent Infogroup study found that of the marketers surveyed, 47 percent are already seeing ROI on expenditures related to data technology. Data can always help improve targeting and messaging, but in some instances, it can help fuel creativity.

Talking with Priscilla Ma, it sounds as if she wishes for a utopia where no child would be born with cleft lip or palate. And that would mean the world wouldn't need Smile Train. But the executive director of the New York-based nonprofit knows children are born with facial deformities, so she just wants her organization's mission to come true: a world without visible cleft lip and palate.

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