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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Amazon retargeting may happen soon, taking on Google for market share. Amazon is testing the product with “select merchants” this month, Bloomberg reports.

Your old marketing self: “What am I doing on mobile?” Your new marketing self: “I’m reaching half of digital consumers with just Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, Instagram and Google Maps! Sometimes, for fun, I advertise on Snapchat to talk to Gen Z shoppers.”

Marketers can now target 135 million Verizon customers on and offline, with mobile phone data linked to AOL ads, according to ProPublica. Dubbed the ‘supercookie,’ the way Verizon tracks its users’ behavior is “enabled by default” on phones, according to an article published Thursday in Marketing Land that interpreted ProPublica’s reporting.

This "Top 100" list may tell marketers more than they ever wanted to know about American buying habits. About 500,000 app users opted in to allow a Seattle-based company, Placed, to run the app in the background on their smartphones and track every move they make. On Thursday, Placed announced the Top 100 locations its users visited in October and they're, well … maybe don't listen the next time someone mentions that resolution to visit the gym more often.

If you still don’t get how much Google is behind ensuring Google+ gets everything it needs to succeed, consider the screenshot below, showing how for the first time ever, Google’s home page now lets you do something other than search. You can share. Social is now coequal with search.

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