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Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

"I really appreciate that you came out to talk about B-to-B marketing a little bit," said Thorin McGee, editor-in-chief of Target Marketing. "Most of you have said what I've seen—which is that B-to-B marketing doesn't really get the attention it deserves, from the event space, from roundtables like this. We don't often get a chance to talk about B-to-B and what's unique about that compared to B-to-C marketing"

Breaking through the wall of noise clients and prospects are staring at each day has become one of the top challenges for marketers, according to a recent Target Marketing roundtable of marketing insiders and industry leaders. Here's how they see it, and how they're meeting that challenge.

Reach Marketing, the industry-leading direct marketing and email management specialists, announced the addition of prominent list broker Joel Manning as the company's new Vice President, List Brokerage. Formerly of InfoGroup/Edith Roman Associates, Joel has over 20 years of direct marketing, customer acquisition and customer retention expertise.

Email and social media marketing are powerful tools as separate channels, but when you use an integrated marketing strategy that brings them together, they act as force multipliers. Social media is a potent pull for your customers, encouraging them to enter a conversation with you and establish a closer business relationship. Email acts as a gentle push for prospects, nudging them into the sales funnel. With a combined push and pull effect, you amplify your message tremendously and improve your ability to reach current and new customers.

By Hallie Mummert At last year's List Vision, an annual one-day seminar on list marketing held by the Direct Marketing Association, the underlying message of the keynote address was clear: The maturing of the list-rental market has brought the industry to a difficult juncture that requires marketers to do more than pay lip service to list analysis. Today's successful direct marketing company—and the list broker advising it—has to overcome shrinking universes, the over-mailing of multi-buyers, fewer available lists due to company mergers and the growing number of sliced-and-diced masterfiles to find the names that will perform. According to keynote panelist Don Mokrynski, founder and

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