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August 9, 2005, Vol. 1, Issue No. 20 The Passing of Peter Jennings And How I nearly met Humphrey Bogart IN THE NEWS NEW YORK -- Peter Jennings, the suave, Canadian-born broadcaster who delivered the news to Americans each night in five separate decades, died yesterday. He was 67. --David Bauder The Associated Press, August 8, 2005 I never met Peter Jennings in person, but my wife, Peggy, and I watched him nightly for many years. At one point, ABC News had a trio of anchors reporting from around the country--Jennings, Frank Reynolds and Max Robinson. As I recall, Reynolds, a splendid journalist,

Successfully Carrying On a Mission to Serve Mankind in the Face of Near Impossible Odds By Denny Hatch Brook Holmberg, a native of Minnesota, graduated in 1989 from The Principia, a liberal arts college for Christian Scientists in St. Louis, where he studied English literature and political science. In 1992, he was offered an internship at The Monitor Channel, a television channel in Boston, so he packed up his worldly goods and drove east. Between the time he left home and his arrival in Boston, the television arm of The Christian Science Monitor was no more. So he started as a production intern

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