Glenn Edelman

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Triggered email accounts for just 2 percent of Wine Enthusiast's mail volume, but 25 percent of its email revenue. That 2 percent is also outperforming the company's previous retargeting email efforts by 31 times.

As the number of marketing and media channels continues to widen, so does the variety of paths customers travel down to place orders. Glenn Edelman, senior director of online marketing and merchandising at Wine Enthusiast, the Elmsford, N.Y.-based multichannel seller of wine accessories and cellars, likes to say that someone could receive his company's catalog in the mail on Monday; google the company on Tuesday, click on a paid search ad and sign-up for Wine Enthusiast's e-mail newsletter; and then receive an e-mail on Wednesday that prompts a clickthrough and an order that same day. In his opinion, all four channels-catalog, search, e-mail and the Web-deserve credit for this order.

To learn how Wine Enthusiast tracks orders to give credit where it's due, we talked to Edelman about matchbacks, call centers and order audits.

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