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Jeanette McMurtry is a psychology-based marketing expert providing strategy, campaign development, and sales and marketing training to brands in all industries on how to achieve psychological relevance for all aspects of a customer's experience. She is the author of the recently released edition of “Marketing for Dummies” (Fifth Edition, Wiley) and “Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets” (McGraw Hill). She is a popular and engaging keynote speaker and workshop instructor on marketing psychology worldwide. Her blog will share insights and tactics for engaging B2B and B2C purchasers' unconscious minds which drive 90 percent of our thoughts, attitudes and behavior, and provide actionable and affordable tips for upping sales and ROI through emotional selling propositions. Her blog will share insights and tactics for engaging consumers' unconscious minds, which drive 90 percent of our thoughts and purchasing attitudes and behavior. She'll explore how color, images and social influences like scarcity, peer pressure and even religion affect consumers' interest in engaging with your brand, your message and buying from you. Reach her at

If you were to ask Miley Cyrus the question in this headline, the answer would be “Oh, yeah.” But if you look at album sales for her chronological counterpart, Taylor Swift, compared to Miley’s since she went “twerking,” the answer is clearly “no.” It took a year for Miley’s most

Use data-driven personalization to create more intimate customer communications. By Michael D. Nelson There's a good deal of talk about personalization in direct marketing, made possible by the convergence of data intelligence and digital communications technology. We now have the ability to personalize Web pages, direct mail and e-mail to individuals, but does that capability translate to increased response rates and more intimate customer communications? Or is it just more marketing gimmickry? It depends on how you define personalization. According to Webster's Dictionary, personalization means: "to have printed, engraved or monogrammed with one's name or initials." If this is what we're doing—dropping names on

By Paul Barbagallo Diary of a Consumer Mind-Reader In his new book "How Customers Think: Essential Insights Into the Mind of the Market," marketing expert Gerald Zaltman offers this advice to managers baffled by consumer behavior: dig deeper. Zaltman, a professor of marketing at Harvard Business School, argues that when it comes to getting into the minds of consumers, marketers have only scratched the surface. Ninety-five percent of all thought—including what we really think about products and what will influence our decisions to buy—happens in the unconscious mind, beyond our own awareness, Zaltman says. Conventional marketing research tools such as focus

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