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Campaign management isn't a tactic or piece of technology in customer obsessed organizations--it's an orchestrated game plan that connects data and decisions with customers and context across channels, devices and stages of the customer lifecycle. But many organizations fall short of this vision.

Join guest speaker, Forrester Research Inc. Senior Analyst Jason McNellis, as he outlines how changing customer expectations are challenging old campaign paradigms, while increasing the importance of a new type of campaign management solution. Also hear George Corugedo, CTO of RedPoint Global, discuss how RedPoint is helping marketers, chief digital officers, and customer engagement professionals expand their ability to become "customer-obsessed."

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Puzzled over how to piece together a building fund? Dawn George, vice president of fund development for Wesley Enhanced Living Foundation of Southampton, Penn., provides background on how she's using magnetized jigsaw bits to solve her fundraising problem for one of the retirement communities the foundation supports.

The goal of a publisher unveiling a new magazine or newsletter through direct mail is simple: Get as many people as possible to pay attention to the publication and, soon, pay money for it. Sure, a publication needs consistent advertisers and media attention, but only a growing base of readers that plan to subscribe and renew will make it go from viable to vital. “You need to get the new magazine into as many prospective subscribers’ hands as possible,” says copywriter Elaine Tyson, owner of Tyson Associates in Brookfield, Conn. Tyson helped launched such magazines as Elle Decor (in the United States), George,

A time when the Chinese did not have a monopoly on theft May 2, 2006: Vol. 2, Issue No. 34 IN THE NEWS Next Step for Counterfeiters: Faking the Whole Company In mid-2004, managers at the Tokyo headquarters of the Japanese electronics giant NEC started receiving reports that pirated keyboards and blank CD and DVD discs bearing the company's brand were on sale in retail outlets in Beijing and Hong Kong. So like many other manufacturers combating intellectual property thieves in China, the company hired an investigator to track down the pirates. After two years and thousands of hours of investigation in conjunction

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