George Lucas

Brendan Menapace is the senior digital editor for Promo Marketing. While writing and editing stories come naturally to him, writing his own bio does not.

I finally got to see "Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi." I won't spoil anything for you, because I barely made it a few days without hearing about some plot point. There is one part of the movie that I will discuss and, don't worry, this won't spoil anything. How could it be a spoiler if you've likely seen it everywhere in marketing campaigns?

By Gina Valentino Are you working harder than your database? Perform this quick self-check: - You're tired of running analysis. - You're tired of linking spreadsheets. - You're tired of marketing data but not matching merchandising data or financial data. - You're tired. If you've checked "yes" to any of the observations in our self-check, you're working much harder than your database. Perhaps you don't mind. But try to imagine a world where the database works for you, providing timely and relevant information—not just data. You don't need Steven Spielberg or George Lucas for

Are You Working Harder Than Your Database? By Gina Valentino Perform this quick self-check:

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