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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Tarrah Martinelli is the digital content marketing specialist for NAPCO Media, parent company of Target Marketing, and the resident expert on search, social and content marketing.

It’s no secret that Google has been encouraging marketers for years to shift to mobile-friendly website design. But with Google’s announcement of the mobile-first index over a year ago, they’ve left marketers wondering, “When is round two of Mobilegeddon going to hit?!”

Sneaky penguins. While the bird itself can be loud, its updated Google namesake algorithm aspect is silent — and the bird is flying through websites in real-time, forever, impacting site rankings as it goes, the company announced on Friday.

And the chatter begins anew about “Google Penguin 4.0.” Since Christmas, marketers have been waiting to see site traffic fluctuations indicating an algorithm update. On Wednesday, they started reporting them on the forum.

Christmas may be coming early for search engine marketers. The white hat ones, that is. Google is going to update Penguin before the end of the year, verified Gary Illyes, a Webmaster Trends analyst at Google.

Google's change to its search algorithm apparently came as news to many on Tuesday, considering the deadline date to have sites mobile-optimized for search ended up as a top trend on Twitter. However, #Mobilegeddon's been coming since at least Feb. 26, when Google announced it—an unusual step, to say the least. Two months may be enough time to do basic mobile optimization on sites, but not all marketers took the hint. So on Tuesday, ChannelAdvisor provides a couple short-term-fix tips.

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