Chuck McLeester's blog explores issues about marketing and marketing measurement. He is a marketing strategist and analyst with experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, pet products, travel/hospitality, publishing and other categories. He spent several years as a client-side direct marketer and 25 years on the agency side developing expertise in direct, digital, and relationship marketing. Now he consults with marketers and advertising agencies to create measurable marketing programs.

First a brag: My Temple University advertising students won the Gold Collegiate ECHO — earning First Place out of 200 teams from over 30 colleges and universities. The challenge was to increase referrals for DirecTV among the existing subscriber base.

Google, it would appear, would like our attention wherever we might be. Whereas in the beginnings of the internet when one could only focus on a website when sitting in front of a computer, we can now access information from just about anywhere in the world, with devices that fit right into our pockets that are more powerful than the computers they used to send men to the moon. Wherever we go and, more precisely, wherever we shop, Google wants to be there.

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