Frank O. Brock

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Note: Denny Hatch personally responds to all e-mail comments. Readers respond to “The World’s Greatest Marketer to Kids,” published August 3, 2006 about Frank O. Brock, president of the First Bank of Troy, Idaho. Can you imagine Frank O. Brock saying “bring your kid into the bank for a dollar and a tour?” Or allowing anyone else to say that for him? Marketing today reflects the fact that we refer to our children as “kids”: fodder for veal cutlets; lambs to be led to shear or slaughter. I’ve heard this story several times over the years but I’ve never heard Brock referred to as a “marketer

U.S. Bancorp, KeyBank, J.P. Morgan Chase, USAA, Wells Fargo--and many others--are launching marketing campaigns aimed at children. The idea is to get kids used to putting money away at a very young age. Some banks make it possible to deposit as little as 10 cents. Others are giving away premiums and prizes ranging from stick-on tattoos to music downloads when they have $100 in their accounts. My exhaustive (and exhausting!) file of news stories contains many accounts of gimlet-eyed, self-styled anti-marketing-to-kids police worried about everything from violent computer games to Oreo cookies. Of one thing I am absolutely sure: No one before or since has marketed

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