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Vince Pickett has 30 years of direct marketing data management expertise across multiple channels and industry verticals, utilizing a wide variety of management and analytic tools for both B-to-B and B-to-C success. Pickett has seen award-winning excellence and the good, the bad and the ugliest of practices used by clients where he and his teams have built or come to the rescue of client organizations. In his career with several service provider companies or as an independent consultant, Pickett advocates for clients to maintain the highest standards of complete and accurate information for every customer, prospect or lead being maintained within the marketing database. Above all else, clean data provides every marketer with the foundation needed to segment accurately for the most efficient programs that provide the greatest ROI.

This blog will look at recent findings, review the latest breakthroughs, ask questions about topics of debate and talk with industry leaders about what is on their minds. It will also, as the title suggests, keep things not quite so serious all the time.

Contact Pickett by email at or follow on him on Twitter at @vbpickett.

So here we are, halfway through 2013. You, along with everyone, are still trying to find that magic formula to find the perfect 360-degree view of your clients. You have diligently sought out every feed of data you can get your hands on, analyzed it all every which way you can imagine, and have come up with a complete list of historical views, tracked trends and have formulated a plan for future growth. You create a killer slide deck for the executive presentation, practice every poignant detail and rehearse every quip with just the right pause for reaction included.

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