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Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

Daniel Burstein is the Senior Director, Content and Marketing at MECLABS Institute. Daniel oversees all content and marketing coming from the MarketingExperiments and MarketingSherpa brands while helping to shape the marketing direction for MECLABS — digging for actionable discoveries while serving as an advocate for the audience.

This is the time of year we, as human beings, tend to be most acutely focused on discovering and fulfilling the unmet needs of those around us. What gift can I get my daughter? What charity needs help? And what can I do differently in the coming year?

Customers take a mental journey through our marketing when considering whether to purchase our products, and it is all too easy for marketers to overlook that journey. You wouldn’t expect to take off in an airplane from an office parking lot, so why expect customers to buy before they really understand your product?

Marketing can save the world because it is the marketers who create stories that get audiences to act. The stories that get people to change behavior. To wear Nikes instead of generic shoes. To spend more for an iPhone. To take their valuable time to attend a webinar.

Choose your heroes wisely. I used to be in a marketing leadership group, and any time we got into a discussion, someone invariably brought up how Steve Jobs did things. I’ve seen this in marketing pitch meetings, as well.

Your eyes each have a blind spot. It's an area right in front of your eyeballs that the shape of the cornea prevents you from seeing. Your brain takes input from both eyes and fills in the blind spot with what should be there. As marketers, you have a marketing blind spot as well. Only your brain isn't addressing that one, and it can lead to disaster.

I will list four examples of how not to run your email marketing, based on U.S. presidential campaigns. I will also provide four tips for the campaigns on how to improve their efforts, which I think many marketers can learn from as well. I tried to keep this blog post as politically neutral as possible, which turned out to be easier than I thought when I started, since most of the efforts were pretty poor. The 72-day study of presidential campaign email marketing

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