Facebook added three language preferences to its ad-targeting options for brands marketing to U.S. Hispanics: Spanish-dominant, bilingual and English-dominant. The new language preferences are an extension of the U.S. Hispanic affinity segment the social network introduced last year, and they are currently available to marketers via Facebook’s ads interfaces and its ads application-programming interface. Facebook said in a post on the Facebook for Business page introducing the three new language preferences: "Last year, we introduced the U.S. Hispanic affinity segment, giving marketers the ability to reach more than 23 million people in the U.S. interested in Hispanic content.

Facebook just announced two changes to its mobile app install ads that should make them more appealing to advertisers. First, the company says it will now support video in these ad units. "Video creative has proven to be an effective way to drive engagement in News Feed," Facebook writes, and it makes sense for app ads since a video can be much more effective than screenshots and text for giving you a sense of the gameplay or user experience in an app. (Startups like Voxel and Agawi are trying to go beyond video by including interactive app demos in ads.) 

Facebook vowed to crack down on offensive content on its site back in May after multiple advertisers—including auto giant Nissan—pulled their ads from the social networking site. At the time, Facebook was facing protests from social activist groups—especially those associated with gender equality—due to the company’s failure to remove pages dedicated to gender-based hate speech and misogynistic content. In May, Facebook said of the issue,” … it has become clear that our systems to identify and remove hate speech have failed to work as effectively as we would like, particularly around issues of gender-based hate. In some cases, content is

Under pressure to speed up its advertising growth, Facebook has announced it will dump half its more than two dozen ad formats in a bid to make things simpler for advertisers. ... Facebook is ditching several ad formats, such as ads that ask a question or make online offers, as well as the standalone social ads it calls Sponsored Stories, and folding those capabilities into a fewer number of ad types. “The No. 1 complaint of most advertisers was that it was too complicated to figure out which ads to use,”

foursquare has made a quick response to Monday's announcement of Facebook Nearby, with its own announcement that foursquare Explore is cranking up its personalization. The irony? It's going to use foursquare activity from a user's Facebook friends to improve the recommendations in Explore. Think of it as foursquare judo: It's using Facebook data to battle against Facebook itself. Touché! 

Company: Marin Software, a provider of enterprise-class paid search marketing applications.

Product/Service: Adding tools to manage large-scale Facebook Ads campaigns to its Marin Search Marketer.

What It Does: Tracking impression, click and cost data with conversion and revenue data provides a complete view of campaign ROI and effectiveness.

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