Eric Cosway

One plus one can equal more than two, noted direct marketing expert Reggie Brady, president of Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions, in the Target Marketing webinar, "The Recession-Busting Dynamic Duo: E-mail and Targeted Direct Mail," which took place April 30. Brady and co-presenter Eric Cosway, EVP/CMO of QuantumDigital, offered proof from catalog marketers Claire Burke, Exposures and QuantumDigital's own marketing efforts, indicating that integrated campaigns can boost response, sales and average order values far beyond the costs incurred to add the extra supporting e-mail campaigns.

[...] over 67% of all agents are now members of online social networks.     AUSTIN, Texas - October 28, 2008 - QuantumDigital (, the complete online service provider for direct mail, on-demand digital printing and eMarketing solutions, today announced the results of a commissioned survey of 10,000 real estate professionals comprised of a variety of real estate professionals and brokers.  The  purpose of the survey, titled "Real Estate Marketing Survey,"  was to understand  how  real estate professionals are currently spending their marketing dollars; how much they are spending; how their marketing mix is structured; and what online and offline channels they are using to communicate with prospective clients, existing clients and other professionals in the business.  Real estate professionals need to touch their market at least 18 times per year to forge solid memory of their names and faces.During the survey, real estate professionals were also asked to provide specific feedback regarding what they feel is important in conducting direct mail campaigns and how this can best be used. 

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