Elizabeth Holmes

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

False marketing doesn’t pay. On Wednesday, Forbes.com downgraded a member of its billionaires list, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, now listing her as having an estimated net worth of “nothing.” Nada. Zilch. Zero.

The Macmillan Dictionary defines charisma as: NOUN/ ka 'rizzma—a strong personal quality that makes other people like you and be attracted to you. The Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Holmes wrote a 1,296-word essay titled: "How to Develop Your Personal Presence on Social Media and in Real Life." The subhead is: "Presence, a Mix of How You Look, How You Communicate and How You Behave, Influences Your Social Stature and Ability to Climb the Ranks." Included were a slew of tips on developing: "Your authentic self, combining strength and warmth."

Have a look at the photo to see the cover of ULINE's Spring/Summer 2014 catalog—628 pages offering "over 29,000 packaging, shipping, industrial and janitorial products, ready to ship today." My guess: It cost $2 in the mail. I do not believe I have ever placed a single order with Uline, and yet I have been receiving these behemoths for more than 30 years. The obvious conclusion: Uline's accountants use an abacus.

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