Ed Bocknik

By Kate Mason If mailers look to the list industry as a barometer of direct marketing's overall health, they need not pull on their rainhats just yet! Even as uncertainty grips most markets—from catalogs to publishing—list companies are still expressing optimism about the future. John Papalia, president and CEO of Statlistics, poses a common attitude: "We may head into a long and difficult period of time and direct marketing has never known such a period or experienced a prolonged war time economy. I'm optimistic that America will flourish, but I'm hesitant to make any predictions right now." Despite the effects of a staggering

By ED BOCKNIK The popularity of many things in everyday life is quite cyclical. Bellbottoms, white wine, mini-skirts, neutral colors and so on … fads and styles are sometimes hot, sometimes they're not. Hot topics come and go in business too, particularly in our direct marketing industry, with issues such as regression analysis, high list prices and strategic partnerships. Lately, the terrible plight of the list broker and list manager is all the rage … more on that shortly. Regardless of what's in or what's out, it's imperative that everyone involved in any phase of direct marketing remember what's most important: the success of

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