The famous poet Percy Shelley once wrote, "O wind, if winter comes, can spring and a million emails using flower puns and references to April showers be far behind?"  I'm pretty sure that was the quote anyway. Or it should have been

Mailing to Christian donors who already give to religious or humanitarian causes could add valuable long-term supporters or prospects to your direct mail list. "Religious donors are the most faithful donors out there; their long-term value is much greater than those that give to other organizations," says John Kehoe, founder and president of Trinity Direct, a list brokerage and management company based in Butler, N.J.

How the Internet is helping Easter Seals build relationships with constituents By Lisa A. Yorgey Constituent relationship management (CRM) is a familiar concept to Easter Seals. The nonprofit organization brings in $30 million annually, much of which comes from repeat donors, in its efforts to help more than 1 million children and adults with disabilities. Until now, it has been cultivating a relationship with its constituents primarily through its direct mail efforts. No formal program is in place, however, to integrate these direct mail efforts with its other marketing channels. Until recently, Easter Seals hadn't heavily invested in its Internet presence. The organization, however,

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