Donald J. Trump

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Abraham Bree is the Marketing Director of Ptex Group, an Inc. 500/5000-ranked marketing agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

What should Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump do with Trump Brand? The brand has traditionally been positioned as upscale: hotel rooms that start at $400; golf club memberships for up to $200,000; $50 cologne; $40 wines; $175 ties. But with the president’s low approval ratings, things have not gone well in some of the Trump businesses — paving the way for some geo-demographic segmentation opportunities.

Brands are taking political stands — from ads during the Super Bowl to the Uber CEO leaving the presidential advisory board following a rider protest of #deleteUber. It's hard to miss. But churches and other nonprofits hadn't yet joined, because of fear of losing funding. Now, whether these marketers want to or not, they may have to make a choice.

In one of the most counterintuitive “boycotts” I’ve ever seen — since last year’s #‎merrychristmasstarbucks protest of its red cups — supporters of President-elect Donald J. Trump are protesting Starbucks by buying coffee. Yes. They’re so angry, they’re adding to the company’s bottom line.

The markets may not be eating the auto industry’s dust as far as new car sales go in 2017, but President-elect Donald J. Trump may have introduced more certainty into forecasts with the promise to rollback environmental regulation, according to at least one industry analyst.

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