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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Epsilon recently released the annual "New Mover Report 2012," which looks at consumers' spending habits and brand affinity when they move from one home to another. The firm conducted an online survey of 999 respondents, including both new movers and non-movers, to understand their categories of spend, brand loyalty by category, channel preferences and more. The categories of interest in the survey include household services, electronic products, appliances and professional services.

Bad prospect data may be costing companies millions. At the same time, consumers are concerned about maintaining their privacy. The solution, according to representatives of Epsilon Targeting and Marketfish, is respectful, effective data appending.

By Lisa Yorgey Lester How to identify possible churn within your database. Customer defection should come as no surprise. Your customers are waving goodbye as they slowly walk out the door. If you learn to read the signs beforehand, you can launch a preemptive strike to potentially keep them from churning—before you need to spend additional money to win back customers in whom you've already invested. That is, if they are profitable. If not, you may simply want to let them keep walking. Suss Out Churn At its essence, segmentation divides a file into groups that behave differently. In this case, you want to

Strategies for building a quality database By Don Hinman As a data consultant, I spend much of my time answering questions about customer information and how it is used to improve revenue and business operations. But with all the advanced data products available today, the question I hear most often is: "How do I build a quality database?" This question illustrates data's current place in the corporate world. For many corporations, customer data are partially unwrapped presents under the Christmas tree—so promising, so big and impressive. So intimidating. Yet many companies can't take advantage of the data products on the market because they don't

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