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What's your brand verb? Yes, you read that right ... verb. Each and every day great brands are energized by verbs. Google searches. Nike inspires. Disney entertains. J.Jill uncomplicates. Apple creates. IKEA improves. LinkedIn networks. Chipotle nourishes. These verbs harness and direct all the brand activities for these organizations both internally and externally. Jim Collins writes that "Greatness is not a product of circumstance. Greatness is a function of conscious choice and discipline." Great brands purposefully and powerfully live by their brand verbs. Their greatness lies in this deliberate verb action-orientation day in and day out.

Pinterest has, at long last, released its first API for developers, which will let third-party sites embed Pinterest pins and make it easier to post content into Pinterest itself. First partners for the service are a list of big brands and retailers, including Zappos, Wal-Mart, Disney, Nestle, Random House and Hearst, underscoring how the social site is ramping up for revenue generation with advertising and cross-marketing. "We're releasing documentation for multiple APIs that will roll out to partners over the coming weeks," the company notes in its blog.

A Disney executive at the Mobile Shopping Fall Summit spoke about how the marketer is using both its branded mobile properties and third-party applications to build loyalty efforts. During the "Providing Value In A Time of Shifting Expectation To Meet The Needs Of The New-Generation Shopper" panel discussion, executives from Marriott, Home Shopping Network, StubHub and Disney discussed which tactics are working best at connecting consumers with online and offline experiences. In particular, the panel discussed some of the newer opportunities around mobile with augmented reality and virtual stores.

In a new national TV, print and out-of-home advertising campaign, Disney showcases its Disney Mobile Magic App and includes a prominently placed mobile call to action to encourage downloads. The Disney Mobile Magic App is the official app for Disney Parks on Verizon. The app features include the ability for users to find where Disney characters are located in the park via GPS-enabled maps. Users can also access attraction wait times and return times for Disney's virtual queuing system Fastpass as well as view Verizon features such as behind-the-scenes videos and games.

Despite Disney apparently doing everything in its power to try to make "John Carter" into something it isn’t, it mustered a disappointing $30 million in its opening weekend and fell short to "The Lorax" in its second week. However, one thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that movies are more global than ever, and Carter is poised to at least make its money back with worldwide numbers when all is said and done, so don’t focus solely on North American box office. This week, "21 Jump Street" is all alone, save for some limited releases.

Direct mailers who love self-mailers love them because they're produced quickly and cost effectively, eliminate the problem of getting the envelope opened, and can really support a lot of creative that wouldn't normally fit into a typical direct mail package.

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