Newsletter publishers love to tease … when it comes to their outer envelopes, that is. While these mailers use a variety of different tactics to drive subscriptions, one thing they all have in common is a penchant for outer envelope communications and a general aversion to staid, blind outers. Don Dion’s Monthly ETF Report, for example, recently mailed two #10 envelope efforts that use the same teaser, with slightly different treatments. One sent in July features the copy, “Brand New! Don Dion’s Monthly ETF Report. Special Offer Enclosed,” on a yellow repositionable note (Archive code #270-707478-0607). That same teaser is printed directly on the envelope

For the Fidelity Independent Adviser, in Williamstown, MA, less really is more. Particularly when soliciting those who appreciate a straight-forward, no frills approach, says Donald Dion, Jr., publisher of this monthly investment newsletter. Dion recently opted for a minimalistic mailing in order to gain new subscribers to the publication. "Our audience consists of people who are mutual fund shareholders that tend to be older, wealthy males between 50 and 80 years old. They also tend to have a lot of investable assets and know exactly what they want," says Dion. "In other words, our audience doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles. What

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