Dev Bhatia

In impolite society, it's known as "butt dialing." However, mTrax CEO Dev Bhatia prefers to dub these mistaken mobile connections "pocket calls."

By Cliff Blake Might I Suggest ... Perhaps people are getting sick of computerized shopping suggestions. Most would agree that banner ads aren't quite cutting it, but there might be a way to allow for real people to once again make those infinitely specific and truly intimate suggestions that people can't help but at least think about. San Francisco-based Merchandising Avenue performs what's called contextual marketing, a process by which content-rich sites like the online version of the San Diego Union Tribune, women's portal or humor site serve up links to merchandise that (gasp) actually has something to do with the

by Dev Bhata In 1993, before Web marketing even existed, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers published the most important book on the subject of marketing to an audience of one: "The One To One Future." The authors described the importance of knowing and marketing to individual customers and establishing one-to-one relationships with them. They said the fax machine and fax bulletin boards as harbingers of the new dialogues were possible, if only marketers would take the time to get to know their customers. It took the Web to make Peppers and Rogers' ideas come alive. Newly minted Web marketers took the book as their

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